Waste time

  • Dennis Bowens / Jazz & Pop / music

Dennis Bowens (Jazz & Pop) from Germany studied the bass. He plays in the popular cover band Booster from Mönchengladbach as well as in Teletunes, a band that writes its own songs. “Booster has been around now for 30 years, so I’m the youngest. We play about 60 times a year and get really big audiences. We get about 1300 people each night at our Silent Night Christmas special. Teletunes is working on a CD, which will be released late this year. And on top of that I’m going to start teaching at a music school in Erkelenz (Germany) in March.”


This short film shows the song Waste Time, which Dennis composed for his graduation concert. The vocals are by Kitty Meijer (Jazz & Pop), also a recent graduate.