Translating devotion

  • Sanne Langenhof / interior design / architecture and interior

Design a store concept for a fashion designer’. That was the assignment given to the graduation candidates of the Associate degree in Interior Design (a two-year degree for polytechnic graduates). The students were each linked to a student from Fashion Design. Sanne Langenhof teamed up with Jef Montes, who had drawn inspiration for his collection from his childhood memories of the Cathedral of Tarragona in Spain. Sanne: “My aim for Jef’s collection store was to underline the strict and obsessive experience. I started by researching the Santa Maria Cathedral in Tarragona. Part of the cathedral was designed in the gothic architecture style. During that period they had wanted to build a bridge between the divine and the human. This is symbolised by the Mandorla symbol. A row of repeated Mandorla symbols creates a tunnel vision. This became my spatial translation for devotion.


Sanne’s graduation project received the Academy prize, which is awarded each year to a graduation candidate from the academy in Zwolle. The jury report: “The audience was swept away in an exciting, poetic and almost spiritual atmosphere. The concept has been explored right down to the tiniest details. A pleasure to watch.”