“The time, weighed down or set free by human observation”

  • Sanne van der Velde / Fine art

Sanne van der Velde’s (Fine Art) graduation exhibition presents her perspective on time. Time reflected in a female shape is a recurring element in her work, in abstract forms as well as other more concrete forms such as human or animal figures.


“It is time in its different facets. Weighed down or set free by human observation. Time pauses, takes a step back and observes the doubtful irony of human society. Aren’t we the ones who divide time up, try to fit it into a rigid rhythm and then curse it when we realise we cannot keep to that strict rhythm?”

“We run around, weighed down by stress, trying to arrive on time and stick to our appointments.”

First short film

“The abstract piece placed in a doorway plays a trick on the viewer. Many people first try to look through the fishing line only to discover that there’s nothing there besides the equipment that produces the colours and sound. Not until they look around do they see that they are standing right in the middle of the art work.  The fishing line captures part of the light and the rest is projected onto the opposite wall, where it moves over the wall like a liquid whole.”


Second short film

“The screen, which has been placed at a distance from the back wall, projects a butterfly fluttering its wings. The butterfly stays put in the same spot, but the background creates the impression that it’s flying.”


Third short film

“A rough dish made of plaster, filled with an energetic orange light. Inside it a woman dancing to a loose interpretation of the classical waltz. She stands for an unrestricted perception of time; time that for a child can seem to last an eternity, where a game can be played until finished and an adventure can unfold freely. She stands for the millisecond in which a thought can reach its inspired completeness and be fully comprehended.  But also the split second needed to regain an overview and do the right thing in an intense situation.”


Fourth short film

“The woman is wearing a clock dress made of duct tape. The duct tape stands for modern times, where we don’t take the time to repair things properly and at most we just stick things back together with duct tape. The female figure is standing with her side to the audience, a loose reference to ancient Egypt. Her hand seems to be signalling ‘stop’. She walks by in a rigid rhythm, which refers to agreed time frames lacking in natural rhythm. The dress is ticking in a provocative and ironic manner, underlining the irony of our perception of time. The mechanical noise of the moving dress reinforces the rigid rhythm.”



“Three times a day, I transformed the exposition space into a virtually empty twilight with two women performing. The women use their bodies to form the letter V, the ancient symbol for femininity. The cloth and light create a shadow play, which is brought to life by the women’s movements as they try to keep their balance.”



Fine Art