The Swingjugend from Hamburg

  • Amanda Majoor / comic design

Amanda Majoor (Comic Design): “music and graphic stories are two subjects that have inspired me during my studies. In my graduation project, I combine these two together in a story about the Swingjugend in Hamburg in the 30s and 40s. These young people were fascinated by jazz, swing and the British and American lifestyles. Of course, this wasn’t tolerated by National-Socialist Germany, which made it increasing difficult for them.”


“A number of sketches were showcased at the exposition, scenes that each depicted a small part of the story. These scenes are a preview of a graphic story that I’ll be working on over the coming period. I experimented a lot with materials, and people asked a lot of questions about this at the exposition. They were especially curious about the last scene, which I’d done completely digitally: “Is it linocut? Chalk?” In my work I don’t only experiment with the materials, but I also search for a balance between line and form.”