• Liedewij van Eijk / Fine art

For her graduation project, Liedewij van Eijk (Fine Art) made a number of films with animals in the lead roles. “Life consists of behavioural patterns. We cannot live, think of food, sleep, or communicate without repeating these patterns. The same applies to animals. I’m fascinated by my dogs’ daily rituals. I observe them and extract the behaviour I want to put on film, such as the way they walk back and forth between the living room and the kitchen while I’m cooking. I re-enact the behaviour I select but remove the surrounding elements, which leaves a minimalistic composition.”

“Life consists of behavioural pattern.”

“Now that I’ve graduated, I want to continue making films, not only art films, but also instruction film for companies that work with animals. One of my ideas for the coming year is to go abroad for a month or two and follow the life of a stray dog.”

Fine Art