Passing my experience on to students

  • Kim den Dulk / video / Education / fine art and design in education

“In all my work I process a lot of details. I like details and the returning theme of patterns. I don’t work based on preconceived ideas, but let them develop slowly.” Kim den Dulk (Fine Art and Design in Education) works with various materials. “During my work placements, I gained experience teaching art subjects such as drawing and analogue animation. I enjoy passing this experience, which I gained during my own visual process, on to the students. In education, there is an exchange between teacher and student: not only do the students learn from me, but I learn from them too.


My vision as a teacher is to give every student the chance to find the technique and materials that suit him or her, which they do by experimenting and exploring different techniques and materials. As a teacher, I want to give students a safe environment where they can further develop themselves. But this doesn’t mean that as a teacher you should put down your own visual arts work and quit working on it. By continuing to paint, for example, you keep working on your own development and discover new things to bring to your students. I hope I can use this process later in the professional field.”