Loss of the child’s heart

  • Daisy Minten / education / fine art and design in education

Daisy Minten (Fine Art and Design in Education) made the video installation WEES (‘BE’ in English). “Sometimes I wish I could return to my childhood, when life was almost carefree, and go back to an age where only my rules existed.  I would answer a question differently each time, because the truth was found in the moment. The truth was in me because it was my world, with my rules. WEES sheds light on the deception of adults and thereby the loss of the child’s heart. In an adult, childlike innocence is often labelled as naive and silly and although children may still exist in all their innocence, they are not yet seen as people. They are creatures who can become people. In my view, these are the creatures with the most substance.”


“There is not much work at the moment as a teacher of visual art. Luckily, education covers a larger area than just schools. As a freelancer, I set up the foundation Artiestiekem (Art is Sneaky) together with Bauke Liebrand, where we develop educational art projects for museums, festivals or other institutions. The name says it all, really: sneaky learning. Games play a central role and form the basis for participation in our educational art projects. Ideally, I would like to work at a polytechnic university or university of applied sciences, as a 4D tutor. Photography and film are the disciplines where my passion lies and I would love to convey that passion to students. Until that time though, I’m trying to increase my knowledge and experience by developing educational projects both inside and outside school.”