Loss of all emotions – the dancer who creates

  • jasper van luijk / dance

Jasper van Luijk studied Dance and yet he has always seen himself as more of a creator than a dancer. In June, he won the Choreography award at the ITS festival. “I deliberately chose to give everything time to develop in this piece, to let the audience take the time they need to zoom in purely on the performer. Originally, it was a 12-minute solo for a female dancer and it became a 15-minute duet for the Holland Dance Festival. Of course, a man on the stage creates a very different image. I wanted to break through that by not having the characters come together physically until the last 10 minutes. Before that happens, you’re actually watching two individuals and the only link that can be made is the complete delay by which the whole thing is performed.


The work was inspired by loss and the emotions related to that: loss of people, relationships, trust, strength, and so forth.


At the ITS Festival, where I cut the performance back to a solo version for the dancer Denise Klevering, the audience sat and stood on the stage. This gave the audience a much more intense experience of the dance.”