Learning children how to watch

  • Clarissa Vis / education / post bachelor bik

In addition to her work as a graphic designer, Clarissa Vis provides educational art workshops to primary-school-aged children. She completed the post-bachelor’s degree ‘Professional artists in the classroom’ (BIK). “I use my love for letters, typography and image in my work. Communication is key in my work as a graphic designer. You achieve good communication by looking and listening carefully, by using all your senses. I want to teach children to look carefully, so that they learn to recognise what is important to them and in doing so develop their own opinion.” Clarissa Vis has developed a number of different workshops for primary school education, including ‘A beast of a letter’, in which pupils from years 3 to 6 design a logo for a particular animal, and ‘Moving; then what?!’ (together with Eva Meijer), where children in years 5 to 8 print their own pictograph and design an alphabet character to music. “By making children aware of the languages of form, colour and sound, wonderful new characters develop during this project.”


www.zeevisontwerp.nl (soon online)