Hidden Luxury

  • Peet Dullaert / Fashion

Peet Dullaert’s final collection won the 2012 Frans Molenaar Couture prize(Fashion Design): “for the 2012 spring–summer collection I was inspired by a very personal piece of jewellery. A diamond-covered brooch that had been given to my grandmother and had once belonged to Anna Pavlovna of Russia, a former Dutch queen and member of the royal Romanov family. The collection examines the display of jewellery in the contemporary wardrobe. Diamonds, sewn on trims, are covered with a semi-transparent fabric to create a sense of private luxury for the wearer. The trims are placed along pantaloons , placed on top of jackets and sweaters and used as lining in. To stay close to the origins of my grandmother’s brooch, I researched Russian folk costumes, and these inspired the finishing and volume. The streamlined and sharp lines of the Sturgeon fish, known for its caviar, also proved to be a source of inspiration. The jackets and pantaloons are constructed with layered fabrics such as transparent crêpe and mousseline. This gives the silhouette body and structure, while retaining the soft volumes and evoking femininity.


The garments are all hand-finished, highlighting the need for craftsmanship and dedication to quality. The hand-drawn prints are in line with this vision. With these prints in mind, I developed knitwear combined with fabric and finished off with the diamond-covered trims. Colour-wise I chose a very personal palette that reflects objects from my daily life such as the colour of the vitamin juice I drink in the morning, the post-its I like to sketch on and make notes on and the colour of my mother’s favourite blouse.


‘My lover has just left me’ was the concept for hair and make-up. I went in search of a new interpretation of the concept of ‘couture’. An extra, hidden dimension of luxury for the wearer of the clothes.”


Photography: Peter Stigter

Portrait photo Peet Dullaert: Louise te Poele