Grieving, death and the catholic feeling

  • jef montes / fashion

The use of fabrics is what stands out in Jef Montes’s (Fashion Design) graduation collection: satin duchesse, reinforced with glass fibre. As a child, Jef Montes often visited the cathedral of Tarragona. A year ago he revisited the church, and found inspiration for his collection. “I saw extraordinary symmetrical forms in the pure white sandstone figures. It was as though I was looking at creatures from outer space who had found peace in their isolation.” His collection is called Dolores, after his great-grandmother, his Spanish mother’s grandmother. “Dolor in Spanish means pain. It stands for grieving, death and a purely catholic feeling.”


Sanne Langenhof (Associate degree in Interior design) designed a store concept for Jeff Montes as her graduation project. See Translation Devotion.


Photograpghy: Peter Stigter

Portrait photo Jef Montes: Louise te Poele