Get up, eat, work

  • Hilde Timmer / Fine art

Hilde Timmer: “I base my work on my interest for the incomprehensible, non-tangible aspects of existence. I do this by focusing on what is tangible: daily routines and rhythms. The apparent simplicity of this fascinates me. I work mainly with film because it allows me to record my observations very directly and to show the viewer the world as I see it through my eyes.”


“The film ‘Joost’ shows the morning routine of a 16-year-old farmer’s son: get up, eat, work. “I wanted to film this because of his genuine devotion to repeating this routine again and again, day after day. ‘Three days in Dora’s shoes’ is a portrait of my 20-year-old sister. I filmed her to get a better understanding of her lifestyle, her choices. Not by asking questions or creating confrontation, but simply by observing and recording. Over the coming year, I’m first going to work on my own to examine which direction I’d like to take in film. In 2013, I hope to be able to start a master’s degree.”

Fine Art