First Dutch Masters Shoe Design

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This year marks the graduation of the very first class of shoe designers from the Master of Fashion Design: Amber Verstegen, Jenna Lievonen, and Deniz Terli.


Wim Boevink in Trouw: “This week, three young women helped write history. They were the first to complete something completely new to the Netherlands; a Master’s in Shoe Design. This is when I realised a shoe is intellectual property too. The thesis I received from Amber the following day affirmed this notion: a contemplation of thematics and the language of form, including insights by De Saussure, Lévi-Strauss, Derrida and De Kuyper that might not lead directly to the type of shoes seen at Sascha or Van Bommel, but that do guide you along when it comes to big designers in high fashion.” Kuyper, die niet rechtstreeks leiden tot een muiltje bij Sascha of Van Bommel, maar je wel gidsen langs de grote ontwerpers in de haute couture.”


Read also Metamorphosis and contrast about Amber Verstegen’s work, with a download link to her thesis.


Photo 1 en 2: Jenna Lievonen

Photo 3 en 4: Deniz Terli

Photo 5 en 6: Amber Verstegen


Photography: Peter Stigter