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Fashion journalist Stephanie Broek at “If four of the five nominees for the Frans Molenaar Couture prize come from the same fashion academy, you know there’s got to be quite a bit of talent walking around there. ArtEZ, where designers such as Viktor & Rolf, Jan Taminiau and Iris van Herpen once studied, has a name to uphold, and the 19 graduates definitely did the fashion school proud.”


Georgette Koning at Independent Fashion “It’s graduation time and tonight ArtEZ Institute of the Arts has set the ball rolling with its first show. There are three more tomorrow. I’m not going to be a spoilsport and give it all away. Except one thing then: it was good.”


Diane Pernet at “A new generation of ArtEZ graduates is now ready for independence and for the plunge into the vorágine of fashion. This year’s ArtEZ’ graduation show was held in an immense industrial venue that highlighted the outstanding quality of the outfits as they journeyed down the concrete catwalk. The designers’ unanimous vision was evidenced by their appetite for international debate. There was an obvious lean towards 60s couture silhouettes, which most designers had manipulated to the point of street compatibility. All clothes were impeccably made, provoking desire in even the fashion outsiders sitting along the endless front row.”


Photo’s: Peter Stigter