“Dear death, will I recognise you when you come for me?”

  • Wietske Bijl / theatre in education

Different from most final year students enrolled in Theatre in Education, Wietske Bijl did not make a performance with amateur actors. Instead, she developed an interactive walking performance where she told stories to her audience one to one. A combination of fine art and theatre.

Philosophise about your existence in the world

“I wanted us to philosophise about your ‘existence in the world’; to me art raises existential questions and is a way of expressing these questions. I try to convey that in my lessons in a way that is imaginative, enthusiastic, open and honest, but I also like creating opportunities for others to do the same.”


Kees Jansen in the newspaper De Gelderlander: “The messages (…) hung up in the temporary message-in-a-bottle installation designed by ArtEZ student Wietske Bijl come straight from the heart. ‘Dear death, will I recognise you when you come for me?’, ‘Wanted: someone who will tell me the truth and who doesn’t lie (only when they really need to)’ and ‘I would really like NOT to meet my appointments’.”