Research on art therapy and digital technology

  • Henk van den berg / research / Master Edcuation in art / education

“You have an entirely different connection with the students”

  • Anna Schmidt / Dance in education

Research into interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Bundel / Master education in arts / education

Learning children how to watch

  • Clarissa Vis / education / post bachelor bik

To the Bone

  • Samantha Janssen / theatre in education

Passing my experience on to students

  • Kim den Dulk / video / Education / fine art and design in education

The dancing teacher

  • Dance in Education Event / Dance

Memories of dance by a music teacher

  • Carlijn Otten / music in education

Music, film and dance about adolescents

  • Hide and Seek / Music in Education

Why we are all equal

  • Lotte Rosier / theatre in education

“Dear death, will I recognise you when you come for me?”

  • Wietske Bijl / theatre in education

A good cultural foundation

  • Krista Bosch / research / Master Education in Arts / education

Teachers displaying their work

  • final expo / education / fine art and design in education

Loss of the child’s heart

  • Daisy Minten / education / fine art and design in education