Away from it all

  • Inge Meijer / Fine art

Inge Meijer (Fine Art) made a number of short films for the 2012 finals magazine with portraits of the graduate students. She also made a short film for her own graduation project. This short film, called ‘Away from it all’ (in Dutch ‘Er helemaal tussenuit’), portrays the great and small sorrows of a group of people living in a mobile home park. For this project, Inge spent six months living in a mobile home park in Zandvoort. The film was nominated for the 2012 T.E.N.T. Academy Awards.


“I wanted to portray a closed community. In a certain sense, it’s a metaphor for the larger whole. The pursuit of happiness is something we all strive for. The people in the film do this by retreating to an artificial village in the dunes of Zandvoort each summer. I wanted to understand why they return here each summer to these uncomfortable mobile homes. To do this, I lived in one myself for half a year. Everyday life, the repetition, the tranquillity. I started asking myself questions. Why mow the lawn each day if it doesn’t need mowing? How does a community operate where there’s very little ‘state’ interference? Who makes the rules and who upholds them? These are the kinds of questions I examined during my stay at the park. Some consciously, others unconsciously. I showed people that I was sincerely interested, I listened and invested time and effort in people, and they let me come close. Mutual trust was a very important part of this.


I’m currently teaching a film workshop in Berlin for art students from all over Europe. I’m working on a new film and I’m hoping to continue developing my own audio visual company.”

Fine Art