“A rollercoaster”

  • A lie of the mind / school of acting / theatre

During the School of Acting’s final performance, the students once again showed what they as a class have to offer. Roy Baltus, Tirza de Boer, Michaël Bloos, Lowie van Oers, Gonca Karasu, Elise van ’t Laar, Floor Rolf and Leander de Rooij – the class of 2012 – chose A Lie of the Mind written by Sam Shepard, and directed here by Joeri Vos and Isil Vos.

A world of eight cylinder limos, Westerns and Rock & Roll.

A Lie of the Mind is a play about a family, Western individualism and the desire to surrender shamelessly to violence, alcohol and boundless love. A Lie of the Mind deconstructs the myth of the American dream – a world of eight cylinder limos, Westerns and Rock & Roll – by ruthlessly attacking its greatest ideal: the family.


Nicole Beaujean in De Gelderlander newspaper: “You can do little else than sit back and let this performance rush over you like a roller coaster, from one emotion to the other, from loathing to compassion and back to consternation (…) The hysteria builds up slowly but surely and with it your awe for the dialogue marathon. (…) Another batch of stage actors, tried and tested – and now on to the professional stage.”


Photography: Suzanne Ophof (alumnus Fine Art)