A good cultural foundation

  • Krista Bosch / research / Master Education in Arts / education

“Cultural and Artistic Training focuses on students learning about and experiencing cultural activities, but I’m not happy with the learning methods available for students to reflect on this experience.” Krista Bosch (Master of Education in Arts) conducted research into learning methods that will help secondary school students think about and reflect on the cultural activities they do during their Cultural and Artistic Training (CKV) lessons. “In my graduation research, I developed new methods for students to reflect on cultural activities. The existing ones generally send students off with pre-designed sets of questions that don’t focus on their experience or opinions. My method, the ‘ervaringwijzer’ (experience guidebook) focuses on the experience and students develop their own approach for processing the cultural activity. The ervaringwijzer teaches students to be more aware of their own interpretation of artwork. It helps them better develop their own attitude.”

“I would like to continue improving the quality of this wonderful subject”

“The current objectives of Cultural and Artistic Training provide various options for reflection. I think it’s important that CKV teachers continue to search for new approaches and improve the quality of the subject. By establishing a more concrete learning programme or a clearer vision for the subject, with a main focus on the experience, the subject can become a more established part of the Tweede Fase (second phase) in secondary education and we can get young people more involved in culture. My research has enabled me to start doing this in my own work. We can apply the new method and, in the future, I would like to continue improving the quality of this wonderful subject so that young people can really experience art and culture.”


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