A cello outside the box

  • Final Exam / Beate Wolff / Music

Beate Wollf (Jazz & Pop): “The graduation project is the perfect opportunity to try new things, take risks and step outside your comfort zone. So I started a new band with myself as band leader: 3 Bärte 1 Beate. I filled the second part of the evening with my existing band, Nachtblau.”


“I needed another concept and that became ‘thinking outside the box’. As a jazz cellist, you always need to be looking for new influences because the cello is mostly used for classical music. So everything you do is automatically outside the box. I used influences from other types of music and other cultures. It was Kurdish music, poetry, pop and jazz all combined into one performance.”


“Music is more to me than just sound; a musician needs to be seen and heard. I didn’t want to work with video or other equipment, just with the movement of the musicians, light and sound. We used this a lot in the Nachtblau performances.”