An impression of graduation projects from the class of 2012 at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. In May, June and July, 600 students presented their graduation projects. This online magazine gives an impression of the work of the now former students: dancers, choreographers, visual artists, designers, musicians, art teachers, actors, interior designers and architects.

Tracing 361 ancestors

  • Annkathrin Dahlhaus / Crossmedia Design

Metamorphosis and contrast

  • Amber Verstegen / Master fashion design / shoedesign

A Sick Man’s Dream

  • Niels van Bunningen / Fine art

Passing my experience on to students

  • Kim den Dulk / video / Education / fine art and design in education

Translating devotion

  • Sanne Langenhof / interior design / architecture and interior

“You have an entirely different connection with the students”

  • Anna Schmidt / Dance in education

Memories of dance by a music teacher

  • Carlijn Otten / music in education

Hidden Luxury

  • Peet Dullaert / Fashion

“A blend of organic and sharp”

  • Esther Kruyer / Fashion

Research on art therapy and digital technology

  • Henk van den berg / research / Master Edcuation in art / education

“Dear death, will I recognise you when you come for me?”

  • Wietske Bijl / theatre in education

Dutch Wikileaks available offline

  • manetta berends / mandy cobussen / robin smits / graphic design

Literally seeing time fly by

  • mark sturkenboom / product design

Voor / Na
(Before / After)

  • Lowie van Oers / School of Acting / Theatre

Gender in an international mix

  • Internationally mixed / dance

Intense encounter with a quarry

  • Jorrit Hulshof / master architecture / architecture and interior

Inspired by human skin

  • Renee Verhoeven / product design

Chicken in an interactive peep box

  • Tim Hammer / Wiebe Kaspers / Master Music

Waste time

  • Dennis Bowens / Jazz & Pop / music